Web Hosting Provider WebHostFace Announces New cPanel PHP Tools

Web Hosting Provider WebHostFace Announces New cPanel PHP Tools
Web hosting provider WebHostFace has announced the development of new "custom-built PHP tools" that appear in its customers' cPanel control panels. The Wilmington, Delaware-based company offers solutions that include shared hosting plans, reseller hosting, and managed and unmanaged VPS solutions alongside dedicated servers. The company's new tools include PHP Info, PHP Logs, PHP Modules, PHP Settings and PHP Version tools.

The PHP Info tool offers a PHP configuration profile that is expressed as tables and "depicts the capabilities and paths of the programming language". It shows whether scripts will run correctly and indicates what changes might be required to the configuration. PHP Logs summarizes errors in an error log and allows users to monitor specific files. PHP Modules shows which extensions have been enabled and allows users to easily enable or disable extensions. PHP Settings modifes php.ini files and PHP Version controls which version computer language us being used - and for WebHostFace this includes PHP 5.6.

"Those neat tools are not something revolutionary, we just aim to expand on what hosting clients get with their providers," explained Valentin Sharlanov, WebHostFace's CEO. "PHP functions in cPanel were rather scattered and not up-to-par with today's standards so we decided to kick it up a notch. Now our customers will have an easy shortcut to change versions, check logs, enable modules and much more with nothing but a couple of mouse clicks. User experience and freedom were the focal point of this project and I can proudly say that they were duly delivered."

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