Web Hosting Provider WebHostFace Announces Redesigned Website with a Business Focus

Web Hosting Provider WebHostFace Announces Redesigned Website with a Business Focus
Web hosting provider WebHostFace LLC has announced a redesign of its website with a focus on business. The company, which has headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware, USA and operates data centers in the United States, Asia-Pacific and Europe, caters to a global customer base with a range of services for personal, small business and corporate hosting usage. These include shared and VPS hosting alongside dedicated servers and reseller hosting. The new website design "invites visitors from around the world to explore it and share their experience".

WebHostFace's website upgrade was the culmination of several months investigation into the needs of the company's website visitors. The redesign utilizes the "latest design trends" including flat UI, material design, and geometrical styles. It also has a strict focus on "user experience". A one-column view was implemented to "keep the focus of the visitor" with stock photos removed and custom graphics added to enhance originality. The site's color, logo and customer interfaces have been improved to enhance visual appear and make navigation easier.

The hexagon motif featured in the new design indicates the "multi-faceted nature" of WebHostFace and expresses its six key business values - communication, balance, union, harmony, equality, and perfection. The site also complies with Google's latest requirements for mobile-friendly, responsive designs.

"This change was in the works for quite some now," explained WebHostFace's CEO Valentin Sharlanov. "We have passed the early stages of our existence and wanted to express that evolution with a more business outlook, a visualization of our maturity. In no way we will lose the personal, friendly and quirky approach to clients, but we also want to expand to new horizons and this new design will surely help this venture".

"Our greatest hope is that this new step into the future will provide all the information the visitor seeks and will guarantee them a smooth and easy experience," added Mr. Sharlanov. "We are proud of the end result and hope you will all appreciate and benefit from it".

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