Web Hosting Provider WireNine Introduces Semi-Dedicated Hosting Plan

April 18, 2007
April 18, 2007 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web Hosting Provider WireNine.com (http://www.wirenine.com) announced recently it has introduced a Semi-Dedicated hosting plan, offering customers elements of “both shared and dedicated hosting in an affordable environment”. The plan offers 20GB of disk space and 250GB in monthly data transfer alongside an “unlimited number of domain names”. A dedicated IP address is also included at no additional charge.

“We have designed our Semi-Dedicated solution to offer the benefits of shared hosting with the advanced resource allotments that dedicated hosting offers,” explained Founder of WireNine.com, Ali Khan. “In many respects, this plan offers the best of both worlds for our customers. We’re happy to provide this innovative service.”

WireNine’s move comes as a response to increased demand for a “next-step solution” beyond shared hosting. The company spent approximately one month developing the new service. WireNine’s Semi-Dedicated plans are hosted on servers that feature high end hardware such as Dual Core Intel Xeon processors. Each server is limited to 15 customers to maximize resources. “Semi-Dedicated hosting offers an intermediary hosting environment that balances costs and robustness. I am confident we have achieved this balance well,” added Khan.

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