Web Hosting Providers Hostopia and Hostgator Cooperate on Website Templates

February 10, 2007
February 10, 2007 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting providers Hostopia (http://www.hostopia.com) and Hostgator (http://www.hostgator.com) are cooperating on the delivery of website templates, it was announced recently. Hostopia has announced its “initial licensing of website templates to the service provider market, focusing on large hosting providers with strong reseller networks”. Hostgator has licensed Hostopia's full inventory of templates for distribution to its customer base.

"Demand for pre-built websites is surging as small businesses and professional website designers seek to create superior business websites with less effort," explained Hostopia's Chief Marketing Officer, Mr. Paul D. Engels. "Hosting providers can fill this demand, but only if they source a reliable supply of compelling templates with attractive licensing terms. Hostopia meets this need."

The templates are based on industry standard protocols and compatible with leading development tools (Macromedia Flash MX+, Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004, FrontPage 2003, etc.).

"Hosting resellers are dominated by the developer community who need high quality templates,” explained Mr. Brent Oxley, CEO of Hostgator. “Few, if any, licensable sources of high-quality templates exist in the market other than Hostopia's. Our in-depth research and testing of their site designs confirm they are the best choice for our needs."

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