Web Hosting Service DWHS Comes Up With Unlimited Domains For Web Hosting Plans

December 17, 2010
December 17, 2010 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – DWHS, the Domain Web Hosting Service regarded as leaders in advance hosting are adding value to their services by providing unlimited domains to all higher level web hosting plans. With the unlimited domain names, there will be a substantial increase in the bandwidth speed that will lead to faster and smoother running of websites.

“Customers are the priority of DWHS and we constantly look forward to introduce privileged services for them. Unlimited domains addition is yet our another effort to offer more resources without increasing the price. Our main motive is to make web hosting easier and more powerful experience for clients. We have introduced Fantastico web hosting with all web hosting plans to provide free scripts like blogging, shopping carts and CMC’s to customers through various softwares. Every domain expert at DWHS care about your business and will willingly an extra mile to exceed the service expectations”, said Charles Yarbrough, President, DWHS.

The well knit combination of speed, reliability and daily back ups makes the customers at DWHS stay with the company for more than two years than the industry average. In its effort to provide 100% satisfactory service, the firm keeps free full remote daily back ups so that absolute security of the data is maintained.

Talking about technology, it is hard to beat DWHS when it comes to server support. The company uses quad CPU servers that are clustered with MySQL and DNS services to provide a competitive edge to clients in the industry. All the servers at DWHS have one bandwidth connection so that if one slows down or encounters a problem, there is an alternative to the problem.

Many web hosting companies have increased bandwidth and disk space, what makes DWHS stand out from the crowd is that it is amongst few companies offering unlimited domains to customers.

Charles Yarbrough also said, “When most of the web hosting companies are focusing on increasing disk space and bandwidth, DWHS has come out with unlimited domains offer for its customers. We see that websites generally require a little disk space and bandwidth, unless you are hosting additional websites. We came up with the idea of offering unlimited domains to ensure that every customer gets maximum value for the money he is spending on hosting. Whether the client wants to use the resource or not, it’s up to him”.

About DWHS

Founded in Los Angeles in 1998, DWHS has maintained great levels of quality and professionalism in past one decade. Owning a multi-million dollar data center, the firm is licensed to provide hosting services in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Huntington Beach and Seattle. DWHS is a registered member of BBBOnline and also participates in many fund raising events on the behalf of its customers. The company provides web hosting, website design, SEO marketing and other related services to clients.

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