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Dr. Darryl Pokea

I very much like your new "latest visitors" layout and being able to see specifically each page visited. Your service has been excellent for us.

Company Response: N/A


Quick setup, low cost, C Panel is very easy to use, Servers quick, etc.

Company Response: In advertising you say "Additional Domain Hosting Included". But in my CPanel it's don't to exist. I need to host more domains, but I don't Know how.


Great support (got email response in less than 3 mins. Good Value. Very flexible and easy to use.

Company Response: None at the moment.


i really have no problems other than the pricing everything is all good ....

Company Response: space is limited for the price.... see

Richard Simpson

Live Help!!! They always help me fast when I need it, 24/7! Sorry to exclaim, but these guys really do know their stuff

Company Response: If I had to find something, I'd say I wish I had more documentation on all the features I get - overwhelming sometimes

Kan Yabumoto

Very good uptime, excellent tech support. Best price. Good performance. I've been with many ISPs but last 2 yrs with HFW was unbelievably good.

Company Response: Nothing. I'm worrying that it's really too cheap and the company is not making enough money.

Jose Malaga

Speed, support, acces, backups, etc etc, te best i've tried. If you didnt decied yet, this is your best choice.

Company Response: None till today. 1 year since my first account.

Frank Thuillier

You are the best (and I tested many!)

Company Response: none and I hope there will never be any ;-).

J. Huckleberry

Great Support. Always there and have helped massively.

Company Response: Would like to always see more preinstalled software, hehe. But they do have a great selection.

Melaina Ryan

I have just signed up with this hosting company and I have to say that so far I am VERY pleased with the overall services that are available.

Company Response: None at this time!!! Great hosting company!

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  • Reliability/Uptime
  • Technical Support
  • Customer Service & Billing
  • Server & Network Speed
  • Price & Value for Money

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