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Top Not Support, but data center is too far from Europe
At Pair Networks since 2000. Yesterday for personnal static sites, today for eCommerce PCI DSS compliant sites. Pro: Top notch support. Cons: Too far from Europe. Never been hacked for 16 first years. Wish: Pair CEO, please opens a data center in Europe.

Services Period: Active customer at the time of review. Customer since October, 2001

Pair Networks customer support is horrible. You can't see system logs on shared hosting server. They horribly botched a LAMP upgrade, bringing down the site for three days, and then they day of our SSL expiry, they tell us they cannot renew it. They suck.

Services Period: Past customer during October, 2008 - June, 2009

I'm a bit surprised by Geena's bad CS experience. I moved a dozen+ clients to Pair over the years *because* of their outstanding CS. Zero problems. I know of no one offering pair's reliability and service at pair's prices. You couldn't pay me to switch!

Services Period: Past customer during January, 2000 - May, 2009

This is not the same company it was back in 1996 when they started. They've only got 200 K accounts but they haven't scaled well. Their hardware infrastructure is great - their customer support absolutely sucks.

Services Period: Past customer during July, 1998 - July, 2008

excellent, reliable service

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    • Reliability/Uptime
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