‘.online’ Domain Names Prove Popular

August 31, 2015
‘.online’ Domain Names Prove Popular
The new ‘.online’ domain names have proven extremely popular with the global internet community, with a record number of registrations taking place. As is common with new domain extensions, ‘.online’ domains were made available in a number of stages. The first “Sunrise” stage was open to trademark holders and 775 registrations were received. The second stage was a 7-day “Early Access Period” with 1,130 ‘.online’ registrations received. On August 2015, 2015, the day members of the public were able to purchase domains with the new extension for the first time, a staggering 37,544 registrations were received.

The new domain is currently in “general availability” and now available through around 100 registrars globally, including 1&1 Internet. Obviously, a number of purchases have been driven by companies trying to safeguard copyright and existing websites buying ‘parallel domain .online’ names in a bid to deter competition. But the success of the domain suggests it has real popularity. ‘.online’ is relevant to any business and provides a valid alternative to ‘.com’, ‘.net’ and ‘.org’ domain names that have already been registered.

".online has extensive global appeal and relevance as it applies to anyone and everyone -- hence, we expect it to be a popular domain option," explained Head of PR for UK, US & Canada at 1&1 Internet AG, Mr. Richard Stevenson. "Businesses and individuals alike will be attracted to both the clarity and vast potential for attractive new names that .online offers them."

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