1&1 Internet Ltd. Helps Level the SEO Playing Field

October 18, 2012
1&1 Internet Ltd. Helps Level the SEO Playing Field
October 18, 2012 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – The British arm of web hosting provider 1&1 Internet Ltd. has introduced a new SEO solution catering to smaller businesses, it was reported recently. The launch of the company’s new solution - 1&1 SEO Pro - is an extension of a marketing initiative designed to “create equal opportunities on the Internet”.

Although a greater number of people in the United Kingdom are using Internet search engines to find information on local companies and services, smaller businesses find it difficult to benefit from this trend. A recent study, conducted by 1&1 Internet, suggests the reason for this is smaller organizations find SEO costs prohibitive. Lack of SEO means their websites are often barely visible in search engine results, and smaller companies find it difficult, if not impossible, to compete on the Internet.

According to 1&1, their new solution offers smaller businesses “an affordable professional solution that can help companies with a tight marketing budget to capture attention”. 1&1 SEO Pro provides website analysis and also acts as an “interactive advisor” with a suite of options that simplify SEO. These options include a keyword generator that uses basic information about a company to generate a list of search terms to use on websites. Additionally, it provides advice on how to make changes that will increase a website’s position in search results, offers advice on back-link strategy, and also allows businesses to monitor key competitors by watching “the development of their competitors’ rankings in relation to their own”. For ease of use, the solution’s interface regularly updates data and presents information as graphs and tables. It even provides results by email if required.

“Prior to the development of 1&1 SEO Pro, there has been extensive market research,” suggested Oliver Mauss, 1&1’s CEO. “We found out that most solutions miss the mark on the needs of many small and medium businesses. With our new SEO tool, for the first time there is an offer that fully considers the requirements of beginners and can be used without programming knowledge”.

1&1 SEO Pro is available through 1&1 Internet’s shared web hosting packages at a cost of £9.99 (around $16) per month (not inclusive of VAT). Further information is available through the company’s website: www.1and1.co.uk.

1&1 Internet Ltd.

Located in Slough, West London, 1&1 Internet Ltd. is part of German organization 1&1 Internet AG, a subsidiary of United Internet Group. Established in 1988, 1&1 caters for in excess of 11 million contracts for customers in a number of countries, including Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Austria, and the United States. The company is accredited by a number of registrar organizations.

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