20i Launch 'The FOSS awards' to celebrate Free Open-Source Software

March 10, 2022
20i Launch 'The FOSS awards' to celebrate Free Open-Source Software
20i announce awards to recognize the vital role open-source plays in our lives

20i have announced the launch of their "FOSS Awards" to help raise awareness of the contribution self-hosted Free Open-Source Software (FOSS) makes to our lives, every day.

From publishing new personal blog posts to managing an entire business, FOSS is the cornerstone for much of our daily creativity and productivity. A huge 78 percent of companies run some form of open-source software1 and 43% of websites are powered by WordPress2.

The 20i FOSS awards are open for anyone to vote, and include a mix of well-known software like WordPress and Matomo, as well as niche software such as forum software Flarum. The award categories represent the major use cases for small businesses, including Ecommerce, CMS, Knowledge & Documentation, CRM & Support, Project Management, Email, Community & Social and Analytics.

20i Managing Director Lloyd Cobb commented "Free and open-source software is a vital part of our economy and the ability to express ourselves. The quality of this free software keeps hitting new heights. The 20i FOSS Awards are a wonderful way to recognize all the hard work that goes in to developing the tools we rely on so much."

The awards are open for voting between 8th - 31st March 2022, with the winners announced 12th April 2022. Visit www.20i.com/foss-awards to vote for your favourite open-source apps.

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