20i Launches WordPress Manager for their customers - no plugin required

August 15, 2022
20i Launches WordPress Manager for their customers - no plugin required
20i, one of the UK’s leading WordPress hosting companies, has announced the launch of their fully functioning 20i WordPress Manager, built directly into their customers’ control panel.

The plugin-free solution does not require users to install any software or to log in to additional control panels to manage their WordPress sites.

Key features include enable/disable sites, security scans, activate/deactivate plugins and themes, perform bulk plugin/theme updates and full user management. Additionally, there are no paid upgrades or marketplaces to pay for additional functionality.

As well as saving time, this approach to bulk management also helps increase website page speeds. One of the challenges faced by WordPress users is multiple plugins slowing down their websites. By running their WordPress Manager at the server level, 20i have reduced the amount of code that has to be loaded by the browser.

20i’s Managing Director Lloyd Cobb said “A WordPress manager is a huge time saver for anyone who runs multiple WordPress-powered websites, especially when it comes to theme, plugin and user management.
The brand new 20i WordPress Manager compliments our platform’s existing plugin-free daily backups, on-demand backups, unlimited CDN, advanced image/code optimisation tools, malware scans and staging environment.”

By developing their own hosting technology and control panel called 'My20i', 20i customers do not face the same slower development timelines, performance limits or associated license fees as those who use cPanel. 20i's proprietary autoscaling hosting responds to traffic load and balances it across multiple servers as required.

20i’s WordPress Hosting is available for £1 or $1 for the first month.

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