Benjamin Schönfeld Joins IaaS Provider Leaseweb Singapore

Benjamin Schönfeld Joins IaaS Provider Leaseweb Singapore
Benjamin Schönfeld has joined Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Provider Leaseweb Singapore. Leaseweb Singapore is part of global provider ‘Leaseweb’ which was established in 1997. The company is part of a network of organizations which includes subsidiaries in the Netherlands, the United States, Germany, Australia and the United Kingdom, alongside a subsidiary that covers its activities in Asia. It offers a broad range of services including public and private cloud-related services, dedicated servers, colocation, and cyber security options. Globally Leaseweb has “more than 80,000 servers under management” and “17,500 customers ranging from SMBs to enterprises”. Mr. Schönfeld started his new Managing Director position earlier this month.

In his new role Mr. Schönfeld will oversee what is one of Leaseweb’s “fastest growing regions”. He has several years of experience and has developed expertise in both cloud computing and hosting. He will expand Leaseweb’s Asia-Pacific footprint and help the company target Asian markets like China, South Korea and Japan. Prior to his latest role he was with Leaseweb in Germany. Before joining Leaseweb Germany he was in the German Armed Forces where he was involved in computer networks and IT security activity.

"Singapore is an IT hotspot,” explained Mr. Schönfeld in a press release. “As a Singapore-based company, we have a very attractive range of services to offer to the local economy. This applies to companies with a local focus as well as companies with worldwide operations."

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