British Web Host eUKhost Announces Discounts on Premium GlobalSign SSL Certificates

August 21, 2013
British Web Host eUKhost Announces Discounts on Premium GlobalSign SSL Certificates
British web host eUKhost has announced discounts on premium GlobalSign SSL Certificates.

Established in 2001 and with offices in Morley, Leeds, West Yorkshire in the United Kingdom, eUKhost offers a range of services including shared hosting, reseller hosting, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), semi-dedicated servers, cloud hosting, and dedicated servers alongside a range of SSL Certificates.

SSL certificates are added to websites and send “public keys” that encrypt data between websites and browsers. Such certificates are vital to verifying the validity of a range of online businesses and protecting website visitors from fraudsters, particularly those intent on collecting credit card information.

eUKhost is offering a limited promotional period where new and existing customers can benefit from discounts on SSL certificates such as AlphaSSL, Extended SSL, AlphaSSL Wildcard and Organization SSL Wildcard. AlphaSSL certificates will cost only £24 ($38) per year, and Extended SSL certificates just £249 ($390.36) per year, with £20 ($31.35) discount on Alpha SSL and Organization SSL Wildcard options. eUKhost's SSL certificates also include free dedicated IPs, meaning users do not need to purchase their own.

“SSL certificates are a very important part of business online because they provide the necessary layer of security and trust to ensure sensitive data is transmitted and received securely and safely from client to server, and vice versa," explained eUKhost's Managing Director, Robert King. "These savings will be very much welcomed and appreciated by our business customers who may be needing to either purchase a new, or renew an existing, SSL certificate with us."

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