Cloud Hosting Provider Leaseweb Deploys 400 Dedicated Servers for Video Game Developer Crytek

June 13, 2019
Cloud Hosting Provider Leaseweb Deploys 400 Dedicated Servers for Video Game Developer Crytek
Cloud hosting provider Leaseweb, Inc. (Leaseweb) has announced the deployment of an additional 400 dedicated servers in support of independent video game developer Crytek’s services. Leaseweb is a global player with subsidiaries in the United States, the Netherlands, Germany, Australia and the United Kingdom. The company also has an Asian subsidiary - Leaseweb Asia. With more than 18,000 customers globally, its services extend to colocation, dedicated servers, cyber security solutions and public and private cloud services. The new dedicated servers Leaseweb will provide for Crytek will be located in Europe and the United States.

The newly deployed high-performance servers are intended to enhance Crytek’s infrastructure in preparation for its launch of ‘Hunt: Showdown’ on ‘Xbox One’ later this year. A “first-person shooter, survival horror” game, Hunt: Showdown was originally developed by ‘Crytek USA’ and is also available on the Microsoft Windows platform. The rapid provision of such a large number of dedicated servers gives Crytek the ability scale up development ahead of launch.

“To launch a game like Hunt: Showdown, server infrastructure, characterized by the ability to scale worldwide with one point of contact, is vitally important,” suggested Crytek’s CEO Faruk Yerli. “The physical proximity of servers, as well as network latency and speed, determine the quality of the online gaming experience. An important measure of quality online gameplay is lag, which is why, ahead of this launch, we worked with Leaseweb to help us guarantee as little lag as possible.”

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