Cloud Hosting Provider LeaseWeb Doubles Cloud Products' Resources

Cloud Hosting Provider LeaseWeb Doubles Cloud Products' Resources
Dutch cloud hosting provider LeaseWeb has doubled the resources available to its cloud products, increasing the CPU and RAM of its "top-end" cloud hosting and virtual server solutions. The company, which manages around 60,000 servers, is making the enhanced resources available immediately and without an increase in fees. Existing customers will be upgraded over the next two months.

LeaseWeb was previously providing 4 CPU Cores and 4GB of memory for its top-end Apache CloudStack-based Cloud Hosting and Virtual Server packages, and this has now been increased to 8 CPU Cores and 8GB of RAM. The upgrade has been applied to the company's entire ‘top-end’ product range and users will now be able to run more applications more quickly.

“The capacity boost means that ecommerce sites, for example, will be able to handle more customers, while web developers could run their applications much faster and social media platforms can serve considerably more users,” explained LeaseWeb's Manager Cloud, Robert van der Meulen. “Our customer base includes a large number of businesses which are growing rapidly. By increasing the capacity of our cloud products, LeaseWeb is supporting their growth. By doubling the resources of our top-end Cloud Hosting and Virtual Server products without increasing the price, we’re safeguarding a long company tradition of offering great value products. It’s very much consistent with the vision of our founders, who initially built the company with very little marketing investment and virtually only word-of-mouth publicity.”

LeaseWeb's cloud platforms are currently deployed in the Netherlands, Germany, and the United States.

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