Cloud IaaS Provider CloudSigma Launches CloudSigma 2.0

Cloud IaaS Provider CloudSigma Launches CloudSigma 2.0
Cloud IaaS provider CloudSigma has announced the launch of CloudSigma 2.0, its latest public cloud solution that facilitates hybrid environments. CloudSigma 2.0 offers a wealth of functions, including direct private patch and hybrid cloud capability, Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS), all-SSD storage and advanced CPU options.

CloudSigma 2.0 customers can connect their infrastructures directly to CloudSigma’s public cloud’s vLANS, improving data movement and security. The services’ private patching capability enables private IP-only solutions that avoid the need for VPNs. Alongside CloudSigma’s open software and networking, customers are able to replicate on-premise infrastructure for cloud bursting or disaster recovery. The solution’s new private patching capability facilitates a DRaaS strategy through streamlining data portability. Customers receive instant data recovery and access when outages or disasters occur. CloudSigma 2.0 also offers solid-state drive (SSD) storage which eliminates input/output bottlenecks and ‘CPU wait time’.

CloudSigma 2.0’s advanced CPU options offer better application performance as CloudSigma 2.0 places no restrictions on Virtual Machine size. According to the company, customers such as iStreamPlanet, Cinecert and Tracky have experienced a 30% improvement in scalability, compute power and resource utilization performance. Despite CloudSigma 2.0’s advanced features, it is priced on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ approach.

“CloudSigma has always been focused on driving innovation as a founding principle, and that’s why we took our IaaS offering to the next level as soon as we had the opportunity,” explained co-founder and CEO of CloudSigma, Robert Jenkins. “CloudSigma 2.0 is a true benchmark in IaaS capability. We have eliminated contention and bottlenecks, created a new level of interoperability and hybrid cloud integration, and broadened the user’s ability to customize their service, all while maintaining our open and transparent model. These improvements are allowing us to further improve our SLAs, and we’re confident we can deliver on them.”

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