Dedicated Server Provider ServerPoint Announces Launch of New Affiliate Program

September 18, 2016
Dedicated Server Provider ServerPoint Announces Launch of New Affiliate Program
Dedicated server provider ServerPoint has announced the launch of a new affiliate program. ServerPoint, which has headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, was established in 1998. Alongside dedicated servers the company’s range of web hosting services extends to Linux and Windows hosting and cloud VPS hosting. Its new affiliate program aims to “give individuals and businesses an opportunity to earn extra income” by partnering with “one of the top rated providers in web hosting”.

ServerPoint's Affiliate Program is available free of charge. The program provides affiliates with tracking codes that are used to establish when customers sign up to ServerPoint's services through their sites. Affiliates receive a “very profitable commission” for every confirmed sale. For example, the commission on a sale of ServerPoint's ColossusCloud is $140 per sale, while the commission on a dedicated server sale is $200 per sale. The commission on a Personal Plus Cloud Hosting Plan is $140 per sale while the Professional Plan brings in $400 per sale. A Premium Cloud Hosting Plan sale generates an enormous $1,000.

“We are proud to announce the launch of our affiliate program. Becoming an affiliate of ServerPoint is easy and absolutely free,” explained ServerPoint’s CTO, Erik Johnson. “Our affiliates just simply link to from their personal website, Facebook page, Twitter posts or other mediums, and ServerPoint will pay out commissions when your referrals make a purchase. It’s that easy.”

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