eukhost Launches Internationally Located Dedicated Servers

January 25, 2024
eukhost Launches Internationally Located Dedicated Servers
Leading independent hosting provider, eukhost, has introduced its latest offering, the Managed Dedicated Servers, providing customers the flexibility to host their dedicated servers at data centers worldwide, including locations in Holland, the USA, Canada, Japan, India, Australia, and the UK.

The extension of hosting options across different geographical locations brings several key advantages to eukhost customers. Proximity to the server results in reduced latency, enhancing website loading times and optimizing website and application performance. This is particularly beneficial for resource-intensive websites and applications, such as those involving gaming, video streaming, or real-time communication tools.

Lower latency contributes to faster online transactions, improving efficiency during the checkout process and reducing shopping cart abandonment. The overall impact is an enhanced user experience, keeping visitors engaged and satisfied.

Considering website speed as an SEO ranking factor, the strategic placement of servers in close proximity to the target audience positively influences SEO performance, leading to improved search rankings. Moreover, hosting data within the same region or country as the target audience aids in compliance with data protection regulations, ensuring alignment with local data sovereignty laws and fostering user trust.

Robert King, Managing Director of eukhost, expressed enthusiasm about the launch, stating, "Our International Dedicated Servers showcase our commitment to delivering top-tier hosting solutions globally, addressing the evolving needs of businesses worldwide. It allows our clients to expand their digital presence on a global scale, ensuring a dynamic and diverse online footprint."

eukhost customers now have the option to deploy servers closer to their audiences in Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America. Businesses with a global user base can benefit from dedicated servers in multiple locations, establishing a global presence with improved accessibility and superior user experience.

In addition to strategic locations, eukhost emphasizes top-notch hardware and managed services. The company exclusively provides enterprise-server grade CPUs from Intel and AMD, coupled with SSD or NVMe storage for rapid data access and retrieval. Data loss prevention is ensured through RAID technology. Security measures are cutting-edge, with continuous performance monitoring to uphold data integrity. Importantly, dedicated servers are completely isolated from other users, distinguishing them from VPS and Cloud offerings.

As a 24/7 managed solution, eukhost offers flexible server management with support beyond standard services. Continuous server monitoring ensures swift responses to issues, often before users are aware of them. Round-the-clock technical support is standard, guaranteeing expert assistance at all times.

Launched in January 2024, eukhost’s International Dedicated Servers are available to new and existing customers worldwide. For further details, visit:

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