Hosting Provider HostSailor Launches SSL Certificate Options

Hosting Provider HostSailor Launches SSL Certificate Options
Hosting provider HostSailor has launched new SSL certificate options that target small businesses. HostSailor, which has headquarters in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, offers a wide range of services including Windows and Linux-based shared hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS) options, reseller hosting, domain name registration, and ‘Supermicro’ dedicated server packages. The company’s services are available through data centers in the Netherlands and Romania. Its new SSL options are designed to “make the online world more secure”.

SSL certificates are data files that associate a ‘cryptographic key’ to a specific website and its owner. The encryption it provides facilitates secure connections between web servers and browsers. SSL certificates offer a layer of security that instils confidence that a website will be free of threats such as data interception by a third party. HostSailor’s SSL certificates are available at “highly affordable rates”. Six different SSL options are available including “certificates from renowned companies such as Symantec and Thawte”.

“People know about the green padlock today. If a website doesn’t have the secured mark, people leave the website,” explained HostSailor’s CTO, Shehab Ahmed. “When businesses don’t employ SSL certificates, they lose potential customers. This is more tragic for small businesses who are trying to make a place for themselves in the industry. Your clients and customers should feel secure in doing business with you.”

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