New Mobile App Offered By Web Host 1&1 Provides Businesses Faster Website Analysis

December 18, 2012
New Mobile App Offered By Web Host 1&1 Provides Businesses Faster Website Analysis
A new mobile app offered by web host 1&1 will provide small and medium sized businesses faster access to key website statistics that indicate the success of marketing and advertising efforts. 24/7 access to such data is now available through an app that has been developed for iOS and Android phones and is available through iTunes store and Google Play.

Most SMEs do not check their website statistics frequently enough and 1&1's new app allows immediate stats access from anywhere in the world. This means that executives can get an immediate indication regarding the success of their business efforts, and they do not have to employ someone to monitor such data. The app offers information on the number of website visitors, which website pages are visited most often and how people access a website (i.e. through links on other sites, search engines, social networks, etc.). Current data can be compared with previous figures (past weeks, months or years) to determine changes in visitor behavior.

The new 1&1 app lies alongside a number of offerings designed to provide businesses "easy to use Internet solutions to support their business goals". The company's MyWebsite package offers around 200 industry-specific website template designs that allow companies to get a web presence established quickly and efficiently. In addition, the company provides support that helps businesses improve search engine position and gain more Internet customers.

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