Study Suggests Business Websites without Communication Tools Drive Visitors to Competitors

February 20, 2008
February 20, 2008 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – A recent study has suggested that a business website that does not have communication tools such as “contact information or real-time dialog” can drive visitors to a competitor’s site. The survey revealed that 77% of consumers “switch to competitors if a business website does not provide communication methods” while “positive communication experiences cause 85% of consumers to bookmark” a website.

The study, sponsored by 1&1 Internet Inc. (, was conducted by MaCorr Research. The results indicate that 78% of consumers are “irritated when unable to find a way to communicate on a business website” while “almost half of consumers (48 percent) have felt angry to the degree they tell someone”. 5% admitted to having been “brought to tears or violence” by the issue.

Further underscoring the need for business websites to have communication tools, the survey, which took in 1,025 US consumers, also found that 89% of consumers “expect all businesses to have a website regardless of the size” while “68% select an SMB for greater personal attention” and 51% for the “individual relationship” built with SMBs.

“For businesses to remain progressive and appealing, it is imperative that they use advanced features to communicate with the consumer,” suggested 1&1 Internet Inc.’s Chairman of the Board, Mr. Andreas Gauger. “Small businesses especially should take advantage of communications applications to continue providing a direct and personal approach to consumers.”

“Our research clearly shows that consumers value an approachable and easily accessible business. More of us than ever are using real-time online messaging in our everyday lives and consumers now place high expectations on businesses to provide a means of communication,” added Mr. Gauger. “At 1&1 we continually research and develop applications for businesses to maintain an innovative web presence. Our communication tools provide the ability to offer the appeal of personal attention, while competing against large corporations in the industry. Every US business must recognize the features that attract consumers to a website, as well as use those tools that turn a consumer into a loyal customer.”

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