Web Host 1&1 Launches New Dedicated Servers

July 2, 2009
July 2, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – 1&1 Internet, Inc. (http://www.1and1.com), the world’s largest webhost by known servers, has launched exciting new server packages. 1&1 customers now have a choice between eight different hardware class choices for dedicated Linux, Windows, or 1&1 Website servers.

Internet users can now choose between five servers with Dual Core processors and three models with Quad Core CPUs. There are now three server classes priced under $100 per month, the Dual Core S, M and L.

To continue to provide servers that are of optimal value to IT professionals and SMBs, 1&1 customers can now enjoy even more monthly traffic, with no additional fees. Traffic allowance was increased by 1000 GB per month for the Dual Core L and Dual Core XL server classes. Monthly traffic allowance was increased by 2000 GB for all three available Quad Core server classes.

FTP backup space was also increased, making 1&1’s server offerings even more competitive in terms of the cost-to-performance ratio. 250 GB of FTP backup space are now available for the Dual Core S, M, L, and XL server classes. The Dual Core XXL, Quad Core L and Quad Core XL server packages are now all offered with 400 GB of FTP backup space.

1&1’s ideal offering for lower demands is the new Dual Core S Dedicated Server – available at only $49.99/month (Windows server: $59.99) – featuring a Dual Core AMD Athlon 3800+ processor and two 160 GB hard disks as RAID 1.

For high demand applications, the 1&1 Quad Core XXL Dedicated Server provides a RAID 5 system with three hard disks and 1,500 GB of usable storage space. Two AMD Opteron 2352 CPUs provide 8 processor cores. 1&1’s top-notch server has 16 GB of RAM and now includes 8000 GB of traffic per month. It is available, for a limited time only, for free for three months ($499.99/month thereafter, Windows server $519.99, set up fee and minimum contract apply for discount offer).

Since 2003, 1&1 Internet Inc. has been at the forefront of encouraging US small businesses to adopt the Web. 1&1 is the one-stop-shop for web solutions, providing a high quality service with the security of our state-of-the-art green data centers and 24/7 technical support. 1&1’s green efforts will save carbon emissions of over 30,000 tons of CO2 per year. As the world’s largest web host, 1&1 is well placed to deliver a high quality service to its business customers. The company currently holds over 8 million customer contracts worldwide and manages over 10 million domain names.

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