Web Host HostSailor Protects VPS and Dedicated Servers in Romania from DDoS Attacks

Web Host HostSailor Protects VPS and Dedicated Servers in Romania from DDoS Attacks
Web host HostSailor has announced it is protecting its Virtual Private Server (VPS) and dedicated servers in Romania from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Alongside VPS and dedicated hosting HostSailor specializes in shared hosting options. The company also offers SSL certificates and domain registration services, priding itself on a “customer-centric” approach and “personalized solutions”. The enhancement of DDoS protection for HostSailor’s Romania-based servers ensures customers receive a “secure and smooth transaction”.

DDoS attacks leverage computers and other systems that have been compromised by Trojans and other threats. Together the compromised systems divert traffic towards a server. The result is a ‘Denial of Service’ – servers are unable to differentiate between legitimate traffic and compromised traffic and essentially shut down due to the large amount of traffic they receive. HostSailor’s DDoS protection applies to each of its plans hosted on Romanian servers and secures customers against “all types of DDoS threats”. Available free of charge, the service gives customers instant protection and ensures an “effective and undisruptive service”. The company also utilizes servers in the Netherlands.

“Our DDoS protection is quite comprehensive,” explained HostSailor’s CTO, Mr. Shehab Ahmed. “It can defend against a number of threats like anomaly filtering, web attack and Trojan or worm attack. Up to 20 Gbps attack traffic can be mitigated, so your site remains safe and accessible. The major problem caused by these attacks is downtime. Businesses can’t risk downtime as it can result in significant financial loss. Plus, online businesses can lose customers. With our no-cost DDoS protection for RO servers, clients need to put in no additional investment or efforts.”
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