Web Host LeaseWeb Meets Customer Demand for High-capacity CDN

October 30, 2013
Web Host LeaseWeb Meets Customer Demand for High-capacity CDN
Web host LeaseWeb has met the demands of customers in Europe and the United States for a high-capacity Content Delivery Network (CDN). The company, which manages 60,000 servers, launched the first phase of its CDN expansion four months ago and has seen bandwidth usage increase to around 150 Gbps during the period since then. The company has added Multiple SuperPoPs to the platform’s infrastructure and increased capacity to 400 Gbps to support this growth.

LeaseWeb's enhanced CDN offers SuperPoPs in Europe and the United States (Amsterdam, Frankfurt, San Francisco, and Washington D.C.) that leverage solid-state drives for "advanced file and video caching" each offering 100 Gbps of bandwidth capacity. The CDN functionality includes enhanced proprietary software with new features that include a control panel for real-time statistics monitoring, content purging to "ensure continuously accurate data delivery", and advanced DDoS attack protection. In 2014 the next phase of development will place SuperPoPs in Asia.

Customers can utilize two LeaseWeb CDN payment options: Pay-as-you-go and Enterprise. The "Pay-as-you-go" is available with "minimal upfront costs and no long-term commitment" while the "Enterprise" option provides cost savings for high-volume customers. Both offer a 100% uptime SLA.

"Since we entered the CDN market last June, we have seen our data delivery grow by more than eight times, so we had to quickly scale our operations upwards," explained LeaseWeb's Manager CDN, Ignacio Manrique de Lara. "This first expansion now actually positions us as one of the ten largest CDNs in the world in terms of bandwidth capacity. Feedback from our existing customers and prospects so far has been very positive. The control panel lets them easily create push and pull zones, while purge requests are sent and executed instantaneously. Our customers were also pleased with the advanced monitoring statistics, which are delivered in real-time. They say these features compare extremely favorably with our competitors.”

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