Web Host PowWeb Acquires FAQ Website FAQTs.com

September 1, 2005
September 1, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Web host PowWeb announces that they have acquired the online FAQ site FAQTs.com. FAQTs allows users to build Frequently Asked Question lists on any topic from Music to Travel. All of the FAQ’s built through the site are available to the public, creating a vast base of knowledge on many interesting topics.

Frequently Asked Question lists have been around since the beginning of the Internet, organizing information into useful lists that are easy to digest. Unfortunately, the main problem with FAQ’s is that they are spread all over the Internet with no central registry for locating them. Without an easy way to find the information contained in these resources, it was previously left up to the search engines to locate and index their content. FAQTs.com is solving this problem by providing a central registry for FAQ’s.

Almost a quarter of a million visitors flock to FAQTs.com each month to find information, respond to a single question or upload an entire compiled FAQ. These are then reviewed and posted for everyone in the community to use. Though sharing ideas, a collective knowledgebase is built.

FAQTs.com was launched in 1999 as a private website to build a community resource for anyone on the Internet to use. Initially containing mostly technical FAQs, the community quickly started posting information about other topics of interest.

PowWeb business development manager Joshua McGinnis said, “PowWeb has built its entire business on the Internet as a host and we have been very lucky with how we have done. Re-launching FAQTs.com as a PowWeb site is our way of giving back to the community that has helped us.”

FAQTs.com currently offers answers to over 10,000 questions and has 23,700 verified members.

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