Web-Hosting Company WebServe Canada Facilitates “.ca” Domain Names

October 19, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Vancouver–based WebServe Canada recently announced that it will offer ‘.ca’ name registration from its web site. The company is one of the Canadian Internet Registration Authority’s Certified Registrars and one of the few outlets where individuals can ‘pre-book’ domains with the ‘.ca’ extension.

“As one might expect from a web-hosting company,” says WebServe Chief Executive Officer, Ali Mozaffari, “we’re bringing significant protection technology to bear upon the registration process. While signing up to pre-book a dot-ca name, our users will be protected by state-of-the-art encryption technologies – protecting both their registration and credit card information. Our focus, as it is with anything we’re involved in, is to make the process as easy, reliable and safe as possible for our user. ”

As well as pre-booking names, users will be able to book expired ‘.ca’ names through the same site. “We're very excited about this new online system." Says Mr. Mozaffari. “Obviously, this is a service that almost all prospective sites need in the beginning of their online lifetimes. Any opportunity we can get to impress such companies, even if it is in the registration of their domain names, is a good opportunity for us.”

WebServe Canada is one of the leading companies in the Canadian web hosting industry and serves clients such as Nokia, Samsung, and Siemens. As previously reported, the company was recently ranked fifth fastest growing business in British Columbia.

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