Web Hosting Provider 1&1 Improves Offerings

December 27, 2005
December 27, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH) – Web hosting provider 1&1
(http:// www.1and1.com) announced recently that it has improved its offerings to customers. 1&1 customers will now receive additional disk space, greater traffic capability and more mailboxes alongside a new webmail client. Customers of the company’s Linux plans will also benefit from more databases. The current improvement comes on the heels of a number of improvements made by the company.

“Since we began our aggressive campaign to offer the most value for the money, the industry has clearly responded, which is good for competition and great for end-users,” said 1&1 Chairman Andreas Gauger. “But we’re quite confident that our latest round of enhancements will leave no doubt about where the best values in web hosting can be found. Some of the features we are now making standard, our competitors charge almost double the price for.”

1&1’s plan enhancements are significant. Web space for its ‘Beginner’ plan has increased from 1000 MB to 5000 MB with a fivefold increase in traffic (from 50 GB to 250 GB) and an increased number of email accounts (from 150 to 500). The number of mySQL databases available to Linux versions of the plan rose from 1 to 10. The company’s ‘Home’ plans increased from 5000 MB of web space to 10000 MB, traffic increases from 250 GB to 500 GB, the number of email accounts doubles (from 500 to 1000) and Linux plans receive 25 mySQL databases, up from 10. ‘Business’ plans offer more web space (from 1000 MB to 20000 MB), traffic has increased from 500 GB to 1000 GB, email accounts from 1000 to 2000 and mySQL databases (Linux only) from 25 to 50. ‘Developer’ plans now offer 30000 MB web space, 1500 GB of traffic, 3000 email accounts and Linux plans now receive 100 mySQL databases.

As part of its enhancements 1&1 has also upgraded the webmail product available its plan holders. The new webmail tool has a 2 GB email capacity and is able to support IMAP protocol. New email features include the addition of an address book, the ability to send email in HTML and text format, a WYSIWYG text editor, and an email signature option.

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