Web Hosting Provider eUKhost Ltd. Offers Managed Semi-Dedicated Servers

June 29, 2013
Web Hosting Provider eUKhost Ltd. Offers Managed Semi-Dedicated Servers
Web hosting provider eUKhost Ltd. is ‘reintroducing’ managed semi-dedicated servers, with a new line of options powered by Virtuozzo. Costing only £45 ($68.50) a month, the Leeds, United Kingdom-based company is offering a ‘limited time’ discount of 50% reduction on each customer’s first invoice after purchasing a semi-dedicated server using the following coupon code: D50OFF.

Semi-dedicated servers offer similar performance to Virtual Private Servers and are much cheaper than fully dedicated servers. eUKhost’s semi-dedicated server offering provides DDR3 RAM and RAID 1 storage protection with a 30-day guarantee and without the need to sign extended contracts.

“Our new semi-dedicated servers are extremely good value and offer a next step for customers that need more resources than can be offered on a virtual private server without needing to worry about the expense and commitment required when considering a physical server,” explained eUKhost Ltd.’s Chief Marketing Officer, Mark Ducadi. “A semi-dedicated server is a great option if you need to upgrade but cannot justify the expense of a physical server. And because we limit only 3 semi-dedicated servers per physical server, a greater level of resources can be enjoyed with a substantially reduced risk in service issues in comparison to other platforms.”

eUKhost’s move comes on the heels of a ‘revamp’ of its Windows shared hosting offerings, which now offer unlimited bandwidth.

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