Web Hosting Provider Host Depot Announces “Rollover Bandwidth”

July 18, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider Host Depot (http://www.hostdepot.com) has announced new programs called “Rollover Bandwidth” and “Bandwidth Bank” which they suggest will allow companies to “save unused bandwidth in a special bandwidth bank”. The announcement was made at HostingCon 2006 where Host Depot explained to attendees that their new programs were designed to help companies manage web site bandwidth usage as an asset “by rolling over unused capacity to the next month”.

According to Host Depot, the average small- to medium- sized business (SMB) with a shared hosting plan can save around $700 per year using “Rollover Bandwidth” and “Bandwidth Bank”. Their programs allow company’s to “accrue” unused bandwidth and automatically utilize it in periods of heavy traffic or bandwidth usage.

"The Rollover Bandwidth program is designed to help small businesses better manage their operations by banking unused bandwidth for future use, much the way any business owner would manage cash or control expenses," said Mark Erskine, President & CEO of Host Depot. "We see many companies that underestimate their true annual bandwidth needs by choosing a low-cost plan with limited capacity, only to be hit up for overage fees when they go beyond their bandwidth capacity limits. We believe that our program will quickly deliver positive, demonstrable and bottom-line effects for many SMB web sites especially the e-commerce site on a shared hosting plan."

According to Host Depot its new programs are the first in the web hosting industry and will operate “under a rolling 12 month cycle”. Each of the company’s existing customers will have two months of bandwidth deposited into their Bandwidth Bank as free gift, as will new customers (for a limited period only).

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