Web Hosting Provider Host Depot Announces Ecommerce Options

July 2, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider Host Depot has announced the launch of a number of ecommerce options based on a “strategic alliance with Mercantec, a Chicago-based firm that also focuses on the SMB market in delivering ecommerce solutions”. The options on offer make it easier for sites to adopt ecommerce using Mercantec Ecommerce Express and the recently launched Google Checkout. The company is one of the first to make Google Checkout available to all shared web hosting customers.

Host Depot is also offering solutions to potential vendors who do not currently have a website. These solutions include domain name, web hosting and multi-media packages. Host Depot customers have several options regarding their ecommerce solutions. "We are making it easy for any site to get started with ecommerce using Google Checkout. We're putting more in the box, adding value, and helping our customers to succeed in a crowded market," said Host Depot President and CEO Mr. Mark Erskine. "We're excited to be working with Host Depot because of their proven ability to deliver complete SMB solutions. This partnership is part of a larger strategic alliance and roadmap to bring more comprehensive and efficient solutions to the SMB," added Mercantec CEO, Mr. Bill Tait.

Established in September of 1997, Host Depot, Inc. offers hosting and ecommerce solutions for small, medium, and large businesses. Other services the company offers include Internet access products, web site development, promotional services, and high-end ecommerce hosting solutions. Ecommerce Express with Google Checkout is being made available to Host Depot customers at no extra charge.

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