Web Hosting Provider Host Depot Announces Next Generation Dedicated Servers for SMB, VAR and ISV Markets

February 22, 2007
February 22, 2007 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Web hosting provider Host Depot has launched a range of next generation dedicated servers for the SMB, VAR and ISV markets, the company announced yesterday. The new offerings will be powered by Dells’ new PowerEdge server line. The service offerings include “the server, operating system, large amounts of bandwidth and additional products and services offered by Host Depot as part of the introductory price”.

“Put simply, it’s a great product backed by great service at a great price point,” explained Host Depot’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Mr. Jeff Pettit. “People depend on the hardware and software solutions to fulfill their business needs. It is for this reason we are extending this carrier grade technology to the SMB market. This is an opportunity to leverage the latest next generation technology and the Host Depot service as part of their businesses.”

The new product line allows resellers and vendors to purchase a comprehensive top quality service package at reasonable prices. “We’re able to provide these prices because our solution partners such as Dell, Microsoft and many others understand the challenges this market segment has in acquiring top rated technology. By becoming focused and strategic with our partners this allows us to put together a comprehensive program that can greatly benefit customers and allow them to grow or even start their business with top of the line next generation technology and service,” added Mr. Pettit.

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