Web Hosting Provider Host Depot Helps Businesses Grab a Piece of the $32 Billion Online Shopping Pie

November 18, 2006
November 23, 2006 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - According to Jupiter Research, an estimated 114 million shoppers will spend $32 billion this holiday season, an increase of 18% over last year. Despite this fact, many businesses are unsure how to prepare their websites to benefit from this upsurge. As a result web hosting provider Host Depot is providing a number of solutions that web sites might utilize for online shopping.

“It’s not just more online shoppers, but there are many people setting up online stores to cash in on the e-Holidays shopping craze,” explained Jeff Pettit, VP Marketing at Host Depot. “All these new businesses are looking for easy online tools to get in the game and start selling. The problem is that many are waiting until the last minute, which is where we come in.”

Host Depot’s solutions help customers quickly launch an ecommerce site able to take orders the same day they order their hosting services. Tools available to HostDepot customers include Google Checkout, which will allows people to easily and securely purchase products online. Another tool available is the Bandwidth Bank program which allows Host Depot’s customers to rollover their unused bandwidth. This is a particular bonus during the holiday season where most ecommerce sites can use up bandwidth.

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