Web Hosting Provider MilesWeb Introduces New Cloud Hosting Servers

January 19, 2015
Web Hosting Provider MilesWeb Introduces New Cloud Hosting Servers
Web hosting provider MilesWeb has introduced new cloud hosting servers with improved computing power and efficiency. Powered by OnApp, the new servers have the capability to support a wide range of IT projects including "large and extensive software developments and business production requirements". The launch comes in the wake of the company's recent Virtual Data Center platform launch.

Located in India, MilesWeb caters to businesses of all sizes. Its cloud hosting solutions offer a "dedicated server hosting environment" without the necessity of investing in hardware. Its options offer servers that provide customers with "complete access" and allow users to easily monitor resource usage. The company promises its servers offer "abundant resources" alongside "state-of-art technology" including "fast and efficient processors", but in times of greater usage, MilesWeb's solutions are flexible enough to allow users to scale resources dependent on requirements. All MilesWeb’s cloud server services are underpinned by a 99.99% uptime guarantee and ongoing customer support.

“We aim at providing complete control of the cloud hosting environment to the clients," explained MilesWeb's Business Development Manager, Neha Khanna. "Clients can themselves decide the amount of resources they need. This is our attempt at providing a scalable, secure and reliable hosting environment to the mission critical websites.”

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