Web Hosting Provider Myhosting.com Adds Email Archiving in Partnership with Global Relay Communications

January 7, 2011 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – The myhosting.com Email Archiving service will be made available for all myhosting.com onCloud Hosted Exchange Email customers. The email archiving platform allows users to access their accounts from any remote location. Furthermore, it provides a secure messaging solution with data redundancy. By using the onCloud platform, users are also able to leverage unlimited storage.

The solution provided by myhosting.com through partnership with Global Relay Communications also includes a powerful search tool, making it easy to locate specific messages. This utility is especially important for organizations storing large amounts of content in their email application.

"Companies increasingly depend on email to act as a lifeline for their various functions," said Tim Attwood, Product Manager at myhosting.com. "Email archiving tools are essential because they provide businesses with secure, redundant record keeping. Maintaining a repository of emails allows users to access any message to verify facts and provide evidence of conversations and reports. This can help maintain security and continuity, allowing users to verify facts when issues arise."

Global Relay Communications' email archiving utility is capable of backing up and securing all messages sent through the platform. This allows organizations to retain their intellectual property within a safe environment. It also keeps every communication between organizations on record. Subsequently, email archiving can become a reputation-building tool to maintain integrity and reliability.

Global Relay Communications' archiving platform uses Hosted Exchange to fuel a powerful program for messaging that can be customized to meet a variety of needs. "myhosting.com is proud to partner with Global Relay Communications because its email archiving solution has placed the company among global leaders in the industry," said Celal Ulgen, Chief Marketing Officer at myhosting.com. "With a proven record of email archiving success and the ability to integrate with Hosted Exchange Services, Global Relay Communications is a natural partner for myhosting.com. Furthermore, the company holds the same values as we do for customer service, reliability and quality."

The partnership with Global Relay Communications will allow myhosting.com to enhance its already rich stable of hosted email solutions with a powerful utility. myhosting.com offers a number of ways to establish the hosted email environment, including tools to meet any email archiving compliance standards.

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