WebNet Hosting, LLC and Miva Merchant Provide E-Commerce Sites with Full PCI PA-DSS Compliance

October 31, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – As of July 2010, all e-commerce sites must be compliant with the PCI PA-DSS in order to avoid being shutdown or penalized with expensivefines. The Miva Merchant Hosting plans offered by WebNet Hosting present businesses with a thoroughly secure online shopping cart program. Webnet Hosting's business web hosting plans come complete with all the tools that online store-owners need in order to protect themselves and their customers to the utmost level.

As a premier provider of the Miva Merchant Hosting online shopping cart program, WebNet Hosting is equipped to provide all online merchants with exactly what they need in order to be fully PCI and PA-DSS compliant. To be fully compliant with the PA-DSS is extremely important because those that are found to be non-compliant can be leveraged with serious fines ranging from $5,000 to as much as $100,000 per month.

The PCI, or Payment Card Industry, is a group of all major credit card companies (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and JCB) that have united together in order to combat fraud and establish security guidelines regarding shopping, bill payment and banking on the Internet. The PA-DSS is the Payment Applications - Data Security Standard, which once compliant, allows merchants to accept Visa as a payment method.

Not only do these rules protect shoppers and online merchants, they help the credit card companies who report losses of over $1 billion per year. That is some pretty serious coin to be losing every year mostly due to online credit fraud. Establishing a sense of trust and security is vital to the Internet if it is to be a friendly and respected place of commerce.

The fundamental rule of the PCI guidelines is to maintain a secure network with proper firewalls and password protection in place. Furthermore e-commerce sites must perform virus scans and ensure that their anti-virus software is updated on a regular basis. Perhaps most importantly, all customer personal and confidential information must be encrypted and kept secure. This type of information includes credit card details, email and mailing addresses, social security numbers, phone numbers and anything else considered personal and private. Companies such as those providing web hosting services must make sure to regularly test and monitor their security sites to avoid hackers gaining access to their clients' accounts.

Basic web hosting providers along with payment process software application creators and online store-owners are responsible for making certain their stores are following the PCI PA-DSS rules. With the advent of identity theft and online credit card fraud coinciding with the rise in commerce on the web, it is imperative that the rules established by the PCI be followed. This is where WebNet Hosting, LLC stands out - they provide E- Commerce Miva Hosting packages that are fully guaranteed to be entirely PCI Compliant and up to date. In our modern world, getting their grimy hands on confidential information is big business for hackers and that is why customers need to have companies like WebNet Hosting to watch their backs by taking all the necessary steps against malicious predators of all natures.

As any merchant can attest, it takes a great deal of work to operate a popular and successful online business. Quite possibly the most central key to a successful business is establishing a sense of trust between the merchant and their customers. Once trust exists, customers will undoubtedly return again and again and long-term relationships will be established. On the flip side, if that trust is not there or tampered with by compromising a customer's sensitive data then that business will most likely lose a customer for life and begin gaining a bad reputation. In order to have a business with true integrity, full PCI compliance is necessary and as of July 2010, legal.

About WebNet Hosting, LLC:

Since their inception in 2002, WebNet Hosting has been distinguished as an industry leading basic web and Miva Host. All of their E-Commerce packages are fully PCI PA-DSS Compliant.

Over the past seven years, WebNet Hosting has fortified themselves as an unrivaled leader in the hosting community by providing 24/7/365 friendly customer support with a 99.99% uptime guarantee for all of their hosted sites.

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