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  • Reliability/Uptime
  • Technical Support
  • Customer Service & Billing
  • Server & Network Speed
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Carlos Rebolledo

Excelente servicio de Hosting. Tiene los mejores precios del mercado. El Soporte Tecnico es excelente!!

Company Response: No tienen al 100% soporte en español...Creo.

Peter van Rixel

excellent customer support, fast setup and editing of features, reliable servers

Company Response: The only down side is that I have absolutely nothing to complain about :))))

Ron Stenn

I find it rare these days to believe everything you read, but 1PlanHost.com has delivered everything as promissed. A truly Great Value !

Company Response: N/A

Zafar Abid

Low cost, more services, provides the best possible knowledge base, all scripts work great, good for programmers, good for dynamic and static websites

Company Response: A big flaw is that I could not find any.

Dr. Robert O. Stanton

Problems have been rare, but when I needed tech. support, the results were prompt and helpful.

Company Response: N/A

Jeff Townsend

Only one word can sum-up this company... "PROFESSIONAL". It is a pleasure dealing with 1PLANHOST. Highly Recommended!

Company Response: None at all.

Kyran Batten

Great value for money. Particularly the SQL2000 service.

Company Response: Claims to support ASP.NET but doesn't grant execute access to folders. Therefore not ASP.NET apps can run.

Brett Francis

Wonderful uptime, service, features and value. I use 1planhost.com for all my web design clients.

Company Response: No email spam filters, but I would rather get spam than accidentally miss a legit email.

Darryl Bryant

I have had very good experience with the service provided by 1 plan host. The technical support has been competent, timely and easy to work with.

Company Response: N/A


1 Year customer. Real example that braking the mold can be done. Great price, service, and really great new servers.

Company Response: Annoying migration, but change isn't always easy, had no down time from it though.

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  • Reliability/Uptime
  • Technical Support
  • Customer Service & Billing
  • Server & Network Speed
  • Price & Value for Money

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