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The realy good thing about this service is that they are allways one step ahead of me, my site uses tecjnologies like wcf and .net ajax and for every problem I've encountered there was allready a solution in their Kb's.

Company Response: Thank you. Our focus is to be an early adopter of new .NET technology and that has been our focus from the very start of our business.

Services Period: Past customer during April, 2007 - November, 2007


The only offer 500MB shared for all 500 email accounts they say you can have. I was very surprised, so i opened a ticket and they told me that what they care about is their developers and they don't care about emails!

Company Response: Our business focus is in adavanced ASP.NET Hosting and SQL Hosting, not in being a leader in email hosting. The poster is free to interpret this however they wish, but for other readers, it is incorrect to state that we "don't care about emails".

Services Period: Active customer at the time of review. Customer since January, 2007


I was with DiscountASP.NET for two years. The server was always up, but I always had some kind of a problem and Tech Support was never able to fix it. The straw that broke the camels back when I wasn't able to FTP in anymore. Not recommended.

Company Response: I don't know what issues this posterr had, but it is not systemic, as we host 20k+ websites. If everyone had ftp issues, then we wouldn't be this big or win awards. And, if our service was so bad, why did the customer stick around for 2 years?

Services Period: Past customer during August, 2005 - December, 2006

Aaron Lupo

I've had almost nothing but good experiences with DiscountASP.NET. Only had one "bad", but really wasn't bad, just miscommunication that was cleared up the SAME DAY. Great customer support, fantastic hosting product. 0% downtime on my sites.

Company Response: Thank you. We do our best and we are always working on improving our business.

Services Period: Past customer during March, 2004 - May, 2005


Staff really working towards QUALITY hosting. Actively improving their company

Company Response: Not really that great of value as far as bandwidth/disk space. Charge too much for MySQL! Full trust security issues with ASP.NET not addressed.

Tim Hustler

IIS 6, Fast as you like, tech support must sit on the email machine to respond so quickly

Company Response: not enough people know how good they really are

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  • Reliability/Uptime
  • Technical Support
  • Customer Service & Billing
  • Server & Network Speed
  • Price & Value for Money

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