Hosted Exchange Solutions Provider SherWeb Offers Promotion

March 10, 2009
March 10, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Hosted Exchange solutions provider SherWeb is offering a promotion, it was reported recently. Based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, SherWeb bills itself as a “global provider of Hosted Exchange solutions” and its “spring” promotion suggests “businesses with more than 75 users can get 3 months free of Hosted Exchange and BlackBerry service when signing up”.

“Knowing how much time and money can be involved in the management of an in-house Exchange server, we want to propose the best hosted email solution at prices no one can decline,” explained SherWeb’s Marketing Director, Pierre-Olivier Descoteaux. “Plus, what better occasion than ‘March Madness’ to introduce the most aggressive offer on the market!”

Established in 1998, SherWeb Inc. provides Internet hosting solutions and web hosting services including dedicated servers, hosted messaging and collaboration systems. The company has a customer base in “more than 80 countries around the world”.

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